Although the Club shouldn't be seen as endorsing any particular websites, some of these may be useful, or generally informative. A few websites to look at in your spare time. Chesskids is primarily aimed at children, but is a good place to start for anyone looking for basic instruction, while Chesscorner is a good place to go for those looking for instruction on a bit more than just the rules of chess (although they also cover the basics well). Chessbase, while being a commercial site, is also a good site to check if you're after the latest news in international chess. NZ Chess Supplies sells tournament chess sets, Staunton pieces (wood and plastic), boards, clocks/DGTs, stationery and other tournament and teaching equipment, and also sells chess software and books. NZ Chess Magazine is the official magazine of the NZ Chess Federation, and has news, results, games, columns, upcoming tournaments and more.