2017 Programme

This is the intended programme for 2017, although individual Lightnings and/or Grim Reapers may be replaced with other similar one-night events. All club tournaments are free to play in, but all participants of nationally-rated events need to be members of the club. There may also be open junior tournaments held during school holidays.

For prospective members, the best night to attend the Club for the first time are the Social Chess evenings, Lightnings, Grim Reapers or the Gambit Tournament. Unrated tournaments such as these are played purely for fun, and are an excellent introduction to the club.

Potential members or players looking for social tournaments without joining the club are encouraged to try our Sunday Rapid Series. These are 5 round Rapid tournaments generally held on the last Sunday of each month, with an entry fee of $5 for members and juniors, and $10 for non-members. For more information, please click here.

Date Event Date Event
Feb. 1 - Feb. 15 Summer Rapid June 21 - July 5 Gambit Tournament
Feb. 22 Lightning #1 July 12 Grim Reaper #2
March 1 AGM July 19 - Aug. 23 Eric Browne Shield
March 8 Grim Reaper #1 August 30 Lightning #4
March 15 - April 19 Colthart Cup Sept. 6 - Oct. 25 Club Championships
April 26 Lightning #2 Oct. 11 Closed for SI Champs
May 3 - June 7 Chas L Hart Cup Nov. 1 Lightning #5
June 14 Lightning #3 Nov. 8 - Nov. 22 Arie Nijman Trophy (Rapid)

The Club Christmas Social will be held following the completion of the main programme on a Wednesday either on 29 November or in December. Date, venue and other details will be announced once known. Please note that the club is closed on October 11 to allow players to travel to the South Island Championships.

Club nights are Wednesday nights from 7:30pm. More information on the various tournaments is given in the tournament section of this site. For more information, contact our Secretary, Craig Hall.