2016 Sunday Rapid Series

Welcome to the 2016 Sunday Rapid Series! These are a series of fun rapid tournaments primarily run on the last Sunday of the month, although we may occasionally run events at other times as well (and try to avoid long weekends!). To encourage maximum participation, some events will be held with a faster time control to allow them to be run over half a day. Confirmed dates and which events will be half-day events are provided at the bottom of the page (an event which does not stipulate that it is a half-day event will be a whole day event). The next event will be held October 30.

Prizes for individual events are dependent on entries, and will be announced on the day, but will generally be of nominal value e.g. box of chocolates.

Time Control
The time control will be 25 minutes for each player for the whole game for a whole day event, and 15 minutes for each player for the whole game for a half day or evening event.

Playing Schedule

Clubrooms Open: 12:00pm (approx)
Player's Meeting: 12:20pm (entries close)
Round One: 12:30pm
Round Two: 1:30pm
Round Three: 2:30pm
Afternoon Tea: After Round Three
Round Four: 4:00pm
Round Five: 5:00pm
Prizegiving: After Round Five

Playing Schedule - Half Day

Clubrooms Open: 9:30am (approx)
Player's Meeting: 9:50am (entries close)
Round One: 10:00am
Round Two: 10:40am
Round Three: 11:20am
Round Four: 12:00pm
Round Five: 12:40pm
Prizegiving: After Round Five (approx 1:15pm)

After the tournament has finished, players are invited to adjourn to the Speights Ale House at Tower Junction (about 5 minutes walk).

Tournament Organiser
For enquiries or to enter, please contact Del Robinson:
E-mail: del@omegatech.co.nz

The venue is the Canterbury Chess Trust room, Unit 9, 27 Tyne Street, Christchurch. Water and hot drinks will be freely available throughout the tournament, as will NZCF carbon scoresheets and pens (NB: notation is not compulsory).

Entry Details
Entry fee is $5 for members and juniors, and $10 for non-members, with entries limited to the first 32 entries. Additional entries will be placed on a waiting list, in the event of a withdrawal. Entry fees should be paid on the day. To pre-register for the event and avoid missing out, please email Del Robinson: del@omegatech.co.nz. Entries will be confirmed by e-mail where possible.

Event Dates and Winners for 2016
April 3: Matt McNabb - Link to Vega output.
May 1: Simon Ward - Link to Vega output.
May 29: Ross Black - Link to Vega output.
September 25: Bob van den Bergh - Link to Vega output.
October 30: Ed Rains - Link to Vega output.
November 27: Daniel Suh - Link to Vega output.

Event Winners for 2015
March 1: Sandeep George - Link to Vega output.
March 29: Steve Murdoch - Link to Vega output.
May 3 (half-day): Matthew McNabb - Link to Vega output.
June 7: Richie Christie - Link to Vega output.
June 28 (half-day): Arie Nijman Link to Vega output.
July 26: Bob van den Bergh Link to Vega output
August 30 (half-day): Arie Nijman Link to Vega output
September 27: Alex Reissman Link to Vega output
November 29: Brian Nijman Link to Vega output