Tournaments for 2019

Tournament Information

All tournament games (including rapids and lightnings) will start at 7:45pm sharp - players who are running late and would like to be paired should inform the Director of Play no later than 7:30pm. Unless specified otherwise, Standard (long play) Time controls are 1 hour 15 minutes plus a 30 second increment from move 1, per player, per game. Rapid time controls are 25 minutes plus a 10 second increment from move 1, per player, per game. Lightning tournaments are 5 minutes per player, per game, and Grim Reapers 3 minutes plus a 2 second increment, per player, per game. All longplay events are NZCF-rated and players must be registered with NZCF to enter (NZCF registration is included in our subscriptions).

All of our longplay and rapid tournaments are run as six round Swiss tournaments, with the sole exception of our Club Championships. The Club Champs are run over seven rounds, with the previous year's A & B Grade winners and the top six players by rating making up the A grade, or the top seven or eight players by rating if the previous year's A and/or B Grade winner does not enter, and the other players making up the B grade. The A grade is a Round Robin and the B grade is a Swiss. Where numbers permit (24 each week), there will also be a separate C grade, which will be held as a Swiss, in which case the B grade will be run as a Round Robin. Entries to the round robin grades close the Wednesday prior to the first round. Please note that the Arie Nijman Trophy is for the Club Rapid Championship.

Results for the current year are below. Results from previous years can be found on our Results page. For specific tournament dates, please check our programme.

Chas L Hart Cup
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Colthart Cup
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Summer Rapid
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WJ Watson Trophy 2019 - Current Standings

Name Total Points
FM Stephen Lukey 14
CM Edward Rains 12
Matthew McNabb 11
Richie Christie 7

There are five lightning tournaments scheduled in the 2019 programme. Points are assigned according to the final standings of each tournament as follows: 1st - 10 points; 2nd - 6 points; 3rd - 4 points; 4th - 2 points (shared placings will share the points accordingly). The top 4 scores over the year for each player are used to make a player's total - the lowest score is noted in brackets next to that player's total (if no score is noted, that player has not been assigned points in 4 events). The Club Member with the most points at the end of the year will be awarded the W.J. Watson Trophy at prizegiving.

2019 Results

The Summer Rapid was won by CM Edward Rains
Lightning #1 was won by FM Stephen Lukey
Grim Reaper #1 was won by Jesse Barraza Perez
The Colthart Cup was won by FM Stephen Lukey